It is a QR, or quick response codes and they are being used around the world to help business grow by communicating with their customers in a new and more meaningful way.

A QR code is a type of barcode. Like the standard grocery store bar code, it contains a large amount of information in a small area.

Unlike a barcode, a QR code can show websites, videos, pictures, text, or just about anything. Anyone with a smart phone can scan a QR code and the code will then show the information on the phone’s screen.

QR Codes are popular in Japan and South Korea and are starting to take off in America and other parts of the world. Interest is growing in Australia and the popularity of QR codes is expected to explode in 2012. In fact, Telstra has named QR codes as its standard mobile code.

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We all know the world is going mobile, right? So the best way to reach customers or potential customers is to get out there and go mobile with them.

Foursquare is an application that allows businesses to do that for free.

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Brochures are a well known and are often used as part of marketing. They are a great way of getting your name and information into the hands of your potential customers. They let you use words and images together to reach your customers anywhere, at anytime.

But are your brochures out there doing the best they can for your business?

Brochures can be used to provide information or to persuade readers to take a certain action. Because of their size they are used to deliver the important points only, not the whole story. This makes them a great addition to an advertising plan because they can take a different tact to reinforce the point your other advertising is making.

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