Writing a great media release is an art. How you write your media release will determine whether media outlets use it. Journalists receive a number of stories a day and you need to make your story stand out. So what are the basics to a media release?

A media release should have the businesses logo on the top left, a banner that explains it is a media release followed by the heading and a smaller sub heading. Underneath, provide the date on the far left and the media release number on the far right for reference.

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When you are using social media, like any advertising there are good and great times to be on it. The larger the reach (number of people who see your post) the more exposure you gain. This will then increase your businesses chance of being shared, repined and retweeted, which inevitably expands your reach. So when is the best time, peak time and worst time to be on social media? SurePayroll has created this great infographic as a guide to social media timing.

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We specialise in email marketing at Italic but what is it and how do you make a good email?

Email marketing is the use of an online database to send mass emails to your customers. In terms of what is in it, well that just depends on the company. The email can be used as a reminder to purchase your products, a promotional tool for discounts and specials, updates for new products, a thank you for your purchase or all of the above. Emails provide direct contact with your customers on a regular basis. However it is important to use them correctly.

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Blogging can be extremely useful in more ways than one. 77% of internet users are reading blogs and as a marketer it is great for SEO purposes. Getting started is always the hardest part however there are some points to keep in mind when you are blogging.

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A consumer can feel a number of risks in purchasing a product or service that could be a barrier to a company. There are six kinds of risks that can arise in a consumer that a marketer should be aware of.

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