There are some things to remember about your business cards that often get forgotten over time. Once you have had your business cards designed and printed they are often kept out of mind, until you hand them out to the next prospective customer.
So what are some useful hints to keep in mind about your business cards.

  • Your business cards represent your brand and are the first thing a customer receives from you
  • Keep them simple and easy to read for you customers
  • Make sure your business card suits your business and industry including colours and design
  • Use another language on you business card if you work with foreign markets
  • Have relevant information without overcrowding you card
  • Go for quality, your customer will notice the difference
  • Only have images that are necessary and relate to your business
  • As your business changes so should your business card, keep them up to date
  • Never use an old business card when you run out
  • Go the extra mile and get them designed professionally


If reading these items have sparked something inside you then the best bet is you have become a culprit of one or two of these hints. Contact us at Italic and we can review your business card for you.