How does Facebook advertising work and is it for everyone?

Basically put, Facebook advertising allows you to advertise your business to a specific target market and have it pop up in their newsfeed and on their Facebook page.


When you are creating a Facebook advertisement you are given a list of advertising objectives.
These consists of:

  • Clicks to Website
  • Website Conversions
  • Page Post Engagement
  • Page Likes
  • App Installs
  • App Engagement
  • Offer Claims
  • Event Responses
  • Video Views

Most businesses will be interested in the clicks to website, website conversions and page likes. Advertising objectives are the actions that you want your target audience to perform from your Facebook ad. Beyond this, there are a number of steps to creating your Facebook ad. Including selecting the URL users will land on, uploading images, and creating a headline and newsfeed tagline.


Once your advertisement is visually together, you then have the option to select your target market. This is where Facebook is extremely effective. In this section you are able to narrow your audience down to age, gender, nationality, location and even their likes and behaviours.


Finally, place a budget on the advertisement per day or for the life of the campaign. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the interface, there is a lot of other aspects to Facebook advertising such as tracking pixels, so be sure to do your homework if you are thinking about implementing it yourself.


Facebook advertisements, dependent on your selection, will then be optimised to be displayed in your selected target markets Facebook and to those who are most likely to carry out your chosen advertising objective.


It works effectively depending on your business, target market and objective. Often people get carried away with the Facebook phenomenon believing that this is the most efficient way to reach your audience. Which is true in some cases. However, if you are trying to target business professionals Facebook Advertising may not be the best avenue for you. Like all marketing activities, ask yourself who your target market is and do they spend time trawling through Facebook?


If you are thinking about Facebook advertising it is definitely something that would be beneficial to talk to an expert about. We have conducted a large amount of Facebook advertising for our clients and all we can really say is that there are a number of variables based on the business, target market and objective as listed above. Overall the safest bet with Facebook advertising and return on investment has been with website clicks and page likes. If you require some help, talk to us and we can work with you to decide whether Facebook advertising is best or if another digital advertising option would be more beneficial.