It’s our 4th birthday!


28 January 2015

Send in the cake, Italic is turning 4

This month we hit our 4 year anniversary of business and took the time to look back on the good, the great, and the amazing. Initially we started in Hervey Bay and and grew our client base to make the move to the Sunshine Coast.


While on the Sunshine Coast, we set up in a new office premises and our 2-man-band turned into our fun, quirky and interesting bunch of employees we have now. Our biggest achievement to date, is definitely winning the Sunshine Coast Business Awards which was a surprise and an honour. Though we didn’t realise this would start Luke’s favourite saying “Award Winning creative agency”. At least until Jacqui makes the never-ending pun, “be humble”. Bang Bang Chhhh!


The projects over the years have also expanded, as did our services, introducing Marketing, Word Press Management, Social Media Marketing and expanding our Web Development. Sam and Tom are always trying to fight for the employee of the month role, it’s just a shame we don’t have that award.


Our two web developers keep their heads in coding, but it turns out Bo and Daniel are quiet the selfie kings, which we found out when photo day came around.


Most of all we have to thank our amazing clients. We couldn’t have gone through the teething years without you.


We are looking forward to what the next 4 years will bring!

4th Birthday Cake