7 Key website factors to make a good first impression

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12 August 2013

If you have a website, online shop, blog or any other type of website you have probably been told that you need to “drive traffic” to your site by marketing companies, unsolicited emails and maybe even your neighbour. So you have spent days, maybe even weeks looking into how to do this, getting one-way links, posting on social networks, forums and much more but still no-one is buying or contacting you.

Well researchers at the Missouri University of Science and Technology carried out a study using eye tracking software to determine what visitor’s look at first and what catches their eye on websites. Below is an infographic which details the results of their study and as you can see, the reason for visitors not buying from you may be as simple as a colour change!

7 Key website factors to make a good first impression

Key Takeaway: Good first impression leads to longer website visitor duration. Make sure the 7 key factors above are addressed and you will be well on your way!