Apple advertising, similar to an infomercial


11 June 2014

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes Apple’s advertising so incredibly good? Putting their unbelievable brand loyalty and following aside, Apple’s advertising strategy can actually work for your business. What Apple does so eloquently is not just advertise their products but show you how to use them all at the same time.

Take infomercials for example and ignoring the corny TV presenters, the real benefit of an infomercial is the opportunity you have to explain and demonstrate your product. When you have a product that is hard to describe or has more than one use then an infomercial can help to convey product usage to your target audience. Suddenly you now know how to use that blender for over a hundred different recipes!

This is where Apples advertising stands out. They don’t just tell you what their product is, screen size and capacity. They demonstrate how you can use it in your day-to-day life similar to an infomercial. Watch the latest Apple advertisement below and you will see how they show everyday people from all walks of life using Apple products. Whether it’s making music, teaching, reading, writing or studying, Apple tells its target audience how to integrate their products into everyday life.

How can businesses use this? Next time you are about to place your product online don’t just stick a photo of the product and a huge description next to it. Source someone from your target market and demonstrate how your product or service is used in their life. Then share through social media a customer using your product. When we are working with our clients we don’t just look at the product or service they provide we also understand who their audience is and what barriers they may find in purchasing. If how to use a product is seen as a barrier to purchase then we can all take a leaf out of Apple’s book.