Every now and again a great advert is created and as the automotive industry strives to find new ways of appealing to it’s target audience ad agencies push the boundaries of what can be done.


Czech car-maker Skoda has unveiled a clever ad for its Fabia model wish clearly pushes the boundaries of how it advertises.


The ad was created by AIS London and MindsEye director Luke Bellis. It shows a car parked on a street while a voice-over talks about it’s features. As the video flashes, the surroundings gradually change and shift right in front of your eyes.

How does Facebook advertising work and is it for everyone?

Basically put, Facebook advertising allows you to advertise your business to a specific target market and have it pop up in their newsfeed and on their Facebook page.


When you are creating a Facebook advertisement you are given a list of advertising objectives.
These consists of:

  • Clicks to Website
  • Website Conversions
  • Page Post Engagement
  • Page Likes
  • App Installs
  • App Engagement
  • Offer Claims
  • Event Responses
  • Video Views

Most businesses will be interested in the clicks to website, website conversions and page likes. Advertising objectives are the actions that you want your target audience to perform from your Facebook ad. Beyond this, there are a number of steps to creating your Facebook ad. Including selecting the URL users will land on, uploading images, and creating a headline and newsfeed tagline.


Once your advertisement is visually together, you then have the option to select your target market. This is where Facebook is extremely effective. In this section you are able to narrow your audience down to age, gender, nationality, location and even their likes and behaviours.


Finally, place a budget on the advertisement per day or for the life of the campaign. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the interface, there is a lot of other aspects to Facebook advertising such as tracking pixels, so be sure to do your homework if you are thinking about implementing it yourself.


Facebook advertisements, dependent on your selection, will then be optimised to be displayed in your selected target markets Facebook and to those who are most likely to carry out your chosen advertising objective.


It works effectively depending on your business, target market and objective. Often people get carried away with the Facebook phenomenon believing that this is the most efficient way to reach your audience. Which is true in some cases. However, if you are trying to target business professionals Facebook Advertising may not be the best avenue for you. Like all marketing activities, ask yourself who your target market is and do they spend time trawling through Facebook?


If you are thinking about Facebook advertising it is definitely something that would be beneficial to talk to an expert about. We have conducted a large amount of Facebook advertising for our clients and all we can really say is that there are a number of variables based on the business, target market and objective as listed above. Overall the safest bet with Facebook advertising and return on investment has been with website clicks and page likes. If you require some help, talk to us and we can work with you to decide whether Facebook advertising is best or if another digital advertising option would be more beneficial.

Send in the cake, Italic is turning 4

This month we hit our 4 year anniversary of business and took the time to look back on the good, the great, and the amazing. Initially we started in Hervey Bay and and grew our client base to make the move to the Sunshine Coast.


While on the Sunshine Coast, we set up in a new office premises and our 2-man-band turned into our fun, quirky and interesting bunch of employees we have now. Our biggest achievement to date, is definitely winning the Sunshine Coast Business Awards which was a surprise and an honour. Though we didn’t realise this would start Luke’s favourite saying “Award Winning creative agency”. At least until Jacqui makes the never-ending pun, “be humble”. Bang Bang Chhhh!


The projects over the years have also expanded, as did our services, introducing Marketing, Word Press Management, Social Media Marketing and expanding our Web Development. Sam and Tom are always trying to fight for the employee of the month role, it’s just a shame we don’t have that award.


Our two web developers keep their heads in coding, but it turns out Bo and Daniel are quiet the selfie kings, which we found out when photo day came around.


Most of all we have to thank our amazing clients. We couldn’t have gone through the teething years without you.


We are looking forward to what the next 4 years will bring!

4th Birthday Cake

Looking at running a Facebook competition? Here is what you need to know, think about and consider.

When creating a Facebook competition it is important to look at your Facebook insights, to see if it is a plausible option. It is important that you not only have a number of followers but also have loyal and engaged followers. If you are posting content and only get the same few followers commenting or liking your status then there is a possibility they will be the only ones to enter your competition.


A Facebook competition is effective for building awareness, positive word of mouth, encouraging engagement with your brand, and building hype.

If you believe that you have an audience that will support your campaign then the next step is to decide on the what you are asking followers to do and what you will give them in return. It is also very important at this stage to visit Facebook rules and regulations. They change constantly and are extremely strict with promotions. There will be some restrictions and rules that you will have to comply with.


When you are ready to launch your competition, consider how people will find out about it. Emailing your database to ask them to enter your Facebook competition with steps and guidelines is an effective approach. If you have a physical store, a flyer may be helpful for customers to take home with them. Just because it is a Facebook competition does not mean it is solely restricted to Facebook. Write a blog, post it to your website and integrate it across your social networks. Depending on your time, effort, budget and competition this may be a good time to conduct Facebook advertising as your page is full of content.


Finally be responsive! When you are running a competition it is important to put someone in charge of monitoring the campaign. Customers may have questions or you can thank them for their entry. Don’t leave the competition to run with your audience, stay in control and keep posting, sending emails and promoting your competition.


Our Clients Facebook Competition

Recently we conducted a Facebook competition for one of our clients, Smart Calendars 4 U. Customers were to post their calendars they had purchased hanging on their walls with a short quote about their life and the hashtag #familycalendars. We sent out emails to inform people of the competition and reminder emails throughout the duration.


This campaign was successful in brand awareness and positive word of mouth as photos were posted with comments about their love for the calendar. As photos came in we shared them to the page so they weren’t lost in the left hand side menu. The photos gave real life scenarios for future marketing and gave something back to the clients customers.

On Saturday the 15th of November the Sunshine Coast business community came together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Sunshine Coast Business Awards. Four of us from Italic Creative were there on the night to celebrate the business as a finalist in the Creative Industries category.


The night started off great, right outside our office at the Innovation Centre was music, circus entertainment, food and drinks. It wasn’t until Italic Creative was called as the winners of the award that all our faces dropped and reality kicked in. With no speech planned, we all made our way to the stage and Luke, the Managing Director made a short, unplanned speech.


Winning the Sunshine Coast Business Award is an extremely high achievement for Italic. We moved only 18 months ago from the Fraser Coast to the Sunshine Coast and have since grown, working with over 27 local Sunshine Coast businesses. During this time, we have also employed three new staff members and have created a number of partnerships with fellow Sunshine Coast businesses. Being new to the Sunshine Coast this award has recognised the commitment and investment we have put into establishing our business in the region. The win will also help in the growth of our business on the Sunshine Coast providing us with credibility on a local level.


During the night, customer service was mentioned a number of times from fellow award winners. Our business is based highly on the success of our customers and we pride ourselves in the quality of work and solutions we provide them. We would like to say a huge thank you to all our amazing clients who have allowed us into their businesses over the years to work on their branding, websites and marketing solutions.

Photo Credit: Sunshine Coast Daily 

There are some things to remember about your business cards that often get forgotten over time. Once you have had your business cards designed and printed they are often kept out of mind, until you hand them out to the next prospective customer.
So what are some useful hints to keep in mind about your business cards.

  • Your business cards represent your brand and are the first thing a customer receives from you
  • Keep them simple and easy to read for you customers
  • Make sure your business card suits your business and industry including colours and design
  • Use another language on you business card if you work with foreign markets
  • Have relevant information without overcrowding you card
  • Go for quality, your customer will notice the difference
  • Only have images that are necessary and relate to your business
  • As your business changes so should your business card, keep them up to date
  • Never use an old business card when you run out
  • Go the extra mile and get them designed professionally


If reading these items have sparked something inside you then the best bet is you have become a culprit of one or two of these hints. Contact us at Italic and we can review your business card for you.

Are you nodding your head unknowingly when you hear people saying, your site needs to be responsive? It is a very simple concept and doesn’t require you to be kept in the dark.

Responsive websites are designed to give the best user experience to your website visitors. This approach is designed to allow for easy navigating, scrolling and resizing across a number of devices. Simply put, it enables your website to be viewed on mobiles and tablets without users having to zoom into a website that is much too large for their screens.

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As a part of our monthly marketing, we research public relation opportunities that come up that would suit and benefit our clients. Smart Calendars 4 U is one of our monthly marketing clients that we look after by conducting a number of marketing activities each month.

PR for a client can be beneficial as it is soft advertising that usually occurs behind the scenes to create media opportunities that do not require purchase. Something like a media release is a perfect example because when a media release is picked up by a publication it is published free of charge. Although PR is less controllable than traditional marketing and advertising it has higher credibility in the eyes of the customer.

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Writing a great media release is an art. How you write your media release will determine whether media outlets use it. Journalists receive a number of stories a day and you need to make your story stand out. So what are the basics to a media release?

A media release should have the businesses logo on the top left, a banner that explains it is a media release followed by the heading and a smaller sub heading. Underneath, provide the date on the far left and the media release number on the far right for reference.

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When you are using social media, like any advertising there are good and great times to be on it. The larger the reach (number of people who see your post) the more exposure you gain. This will then increase your businesses chance of being shared, repined and retweeted, which inevitably expands your reach. So when is the best time, peak time and worst time to be on social media? SurePayroll has created this great infographic as a guide to social media timing.

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