How to create the perfect social media posts


14 April 2014

If you need some guidance on how to more effectively connect with your target marketing then look no further than this very handy infographic covering 9 of the major social media networks.

Some things to keep in mind for each of the major social networks:

  • Facebook: Posts with images with images get the highest amount of engagement.
  • Twitter: Use questions, facts and figures to engage viewers and drive retweets.
  • Google+: Tag brands and people, when applicable, they’ll g a notification and potentially engage with that post.
  • Pinterest: Images with no human faces get shared 23% more often than those with human faces.
  • Instagram: Putting the subject of the photo in only two thirds of the screen makes it more attractive to the eye.
  • YouTube: Use hashtags to ensure your video gets in front of more people.
  • Vine: Use a tripod to keep videos steady as a shaky camera can be annoying.
  • Tumblr: Know your post types and make sure you choose the right type for your content.
  • Blogging: Keep blog posts between 500-800 words so that it is not too long that you lose readers.

Remember, each industry is different, so what works for one business may not work for another. Make sure you experiment to find the right formula for you and if you need a hand then contact us as we offer social media marketing.

Perfect social media marketing infographic