How to write a business blog


8 July 2014

Blogging can be extremely useful in more ways than one. 77% of internet users are reading blogs and as a marketer it is great for SEO purposes. Getting started is always the hardest part however there are some points to keep in mind when you are blogging.

Know who your audience is and what your business is.
Those reading your blog are most likely your customers and others who are similar to them. Ask yourself why they use your services or product and then you will have the overall theme for your blog.

What’s your topic?
Once you know your audience you can start to come up with ideas for topics that will interest your audience. When you have a topic, create a more specific title. Is your post a how to, informative, a process and so on. The title may also change as your blog post develops.

Introduce yourself
Begin your blog with an interesting introduction. The introduction of your blog needs to grab your reader and encourage them to read on. You can start with a question, an interesting fact or a problem your audience may have. Then explain the purpose of the blog.

Make sure your post flows.
Similar to a book your blog should have a beginning, middle and end. Use paragraphs in the blog to break up the content so you don’t overwhelm your reader. A blog doesn’t necessarily have to tell you everything all in one post. Instead you can link your ideas to other areas in your website for your customers to visit if they wish to read more.

Be an expert in your field.
The content you are writing is for you customers and you want them to understand that you know what you are talking about. Write confidently about the topic and stick to topics that you specialise in.

At the end of your blog provide a call to action and optimise it for SEO purposes. A blog shouldn’t be an advertisement; it is informative and interesting for your customers, so leaved the sales pitch until the end. Link your call to action to your contact form or order page and encourage your audience to click. Finally read through your blog and consider if there are any keyword phrases or links you could include in sentences that will optimise your content for the search engines and encourage your readers to share and retweet your content via social media.

Writing a successful blog isn’t easy but the above information will lead you in the right direction. Like any successful blog here comes the call to action. If you want to leave it up to Italic we can take care of your blogging needs and provide your business with monthly marketing.