Is your marketing a leaky bucket?

Marketing News Web

17 April 2014

The leaky bucket is used in a number of analogies and is perfect at explaining marketing efforts. As you reach new and existing clientele water flows into your business, however, holes appear in your bucket where your marketing lacks and clients drip away.

An all round marketing strategy will prevent your company becoming a leaky bucket. The next time you are wondering why you are posting, tweeting, blogging and pinning on every platform. While maintaining websites, branding and marketing take a step back and look at your company differently.

Awareness from your audience is only the start of their journey. The next step is the information search. This is where your bucket can leak. When a customers looks at your company they will view your social media, blog, website content, design and ratings. If any of these areas are non-existent or deficient, customers can be lost. Secondly your customers will seek out alternative option. If your marketing doesn’t stand up against competitors you may just be losing your customers to a competitors marketing. Remember purchasing is the last step in a customer’s decision-making process. Until then your company has to put its best foot forward and patch any leakages in its marketing strategy.

When a customer searches a company they expect for you to have a website, social media accounts, blog and so on. When this isn’t the case you can be questioned on quality, authenticity and lets face it, are you even a company if your online presence is low. Whether you are a one-man band or a corporation Italic Creative believes it is important to support your company with adequate marketing efforts and an all round strong strategy.