Make email marketing work for you


15 July 2014

We specialise in email marketing at Italic but what is it and how do you make a good email?

Email marketing is the use of an online database to send mass emails to your customers. In terms of what is in it, well that just depends on the company. The email can be used as a reminder to purchase your products, a promotional tool for discounts and specials, updates for new products, a thank you for your purchase or all of the above. Emails provide direct contact with your customers on a regular basis. However it is important to use them correctly.

Emails need to have interesting subject lines. The subject line is the first thing a customer see’s and will be the deciding factor on if they open the email.

There should be a theme to each email sticking with one topic and not trying to overwhelm them with a load of information. The email can link them to various areas of your site however they should flow just like reading a book.

Think about what the main goal of your email is. Your email shoulnt ask them to sign up, donate, book now and so on. Keep the goals simple and your audience won’t be tempted to unsubscribe.

Segment your audience into preference so you only sent them emails that they will be interested in. It is better to send an email to 20 customers who are interested in the content than sending the email to 100 who unsubscribe or delete the email.

Images really make a difference. Images draw your audiences eyes to a particular area force them to scroll to the end. However provide Alt Text just in case the image doesn’t load.

Finally don’t be excessive. This is an email with a goal don’t get caught up providing information overload. Dependent on your company change the tone of your email to be friendly and inviting.

Outsource your email marketing to Italic and we will look after this for you.