PR Opportunities


12 August 2014

As a part of our monthly marketing, we research public relation opportunities that come up that would suit and benefit our clients. Smart Calendars 4 U is one of our monthly marketing clients that we look after by conducting a number of marketing activities each month.

PR for a client can be beneficial as it is soft advertising that usually occurs behind the scenes to create media opportunities that do not require purchase. Something like a media release is a perfect example because when a media release is picked up by a publication it is published free of charge. Although PR is less controllable than traditional marketing and advertising it has higher credibility in the eyes of the customer.

A PR opportunity arose for our client Smart Calendars 4 U who sells family planners online with the website Lifestyle You: Try it, Rate it. This opportunity in the later part of the year used the clients left over stock as prizes, for interested customers to try the product and rate it online. 40 interested customers signed up for the trial and were sent calendars. Below is the TV promotion that came with the opportunity which really does look great and was aired on Lifestyle You. A large number of reviews were received and Lifestyle You customers left some great reviews and rated Smart Calendars 4 U five stars.

Thanks to this opportunity Smart Calendars 4 U has received large promotion from the campaign, new customers to trial the product and has acquired a database of new customers who will be looking for a new calendar come 2015. Sample products are a great way to get your product into a customers home, especially when you have a product that requires trial to understand how great and useful it is.

View the TV promotion below and contact us

at Italic to see if your company should consider monthly marketing or PR opportunities.