Should B2B Firms use Social Media?


23 April 2014

Business to business (B2B) social media is rising. When a company uses social media to attract consumers then they two have created a social media presence. Therefore an opportunity exists for B2B companies to target this presence.

  • 86% of B2B firms are using social media, however only 32% engage on a daily basis.
  • 46% perceive social media as irrelevant while 60% of B2B firms have no staff dedicated to social media.

Although B2B firms do not look at social media the way a B2C does, times are changing. Understand what you are using social media for and develop a social media marketing strategy. When you are posting remember who you are targeting as it is not your personal page.

Social media is a marketing tool that can be very effective for B2B firms when it is utilised along with other marketing efforts. If you are looking at outsourcing your social media then Italic Creative is the perfect B2B company that can help.

B2B Social Media Infographic