The social sharing landscape


2 April 2014

Social media should be part of every businesses marketing strategy, but which social network(s) should you be focusing on? The industry you operate in and your target market will greatly influence which social networks you should be utilising for your business.

Below is a great infographic created by Gigya detailing the usage of the major social networks across the world. One important takeaway from this is that Pinterest has surpassed Facebook for usage for ecommerce websites (online shops). Pinterest is a photo-sharing networking that has seen steady growth since it launched in early 2010 and has over 70 million users. The growth in popularity was largely fuelled by the ability to integrate product information into the posting ability or what is termed “Pinning”. The benefit of this is massive as anyone using the social network that comes across your product can now visit your site directly and easily purchase what they have seen.

If you do not sell anything online then Facebook and Twitter are still very strong social networks with Twitter growing in popularity across the world. I would say to keep an eye on Google+, Googles answer to social networking, as this is seeing growth in a range of industries and with its strong ties to the biggest search engine this can only be good for your business.

The Landscape of Social Sharing July-September 2013