The marketing dynamite you are probably already using


5 January 2012

We are so familiar with them that they have faded into the background, but your business card could be the marketing superstar that will give your business the boost you are looking for.

Think about it, your business card is one of the first impressions the receiver will have of your business. A lightweight card, with creases and hard to read text screams a lack of respect; while a good quality, professionally designed card that is easy to read and visually appealing, says ‘trust us with your business’.

As well as providing one of the first impressions of the company, your business card also tells people what you do, helps them to remember you, allows them to pass your details onto others, and can help them to contact you again.

Is your business card doing this for you?

Here are some basic business card rules to help you get it right

  1. Ensure your business card is professionally designed and of high quality. This gives a positive first impression of your business and the service that you will provide.
  2. Make sure it says what you do. If your logo and company name do not make it clear what your business does, be sure to spell it out. This will help recipients who find your business card sometime after you handed it to them.
  3. Use your business card to make a pitch. Your business card can be a great place to detail your unique selling position and to ask for the sale.
    For example, your photographic company’s business card could read: ‘Specialising in wedding photography for the last 20 years. Call us to discuss how we can capture your special day.’
  4. Be cautious of odd shapes and sizes. While it is important to make sure that your business card stands out, be mindful that cards that do not easily fit into the recipient’s wallet or purse will quickly find the bin.
  5. Make your business card stand out. The best way to make your business card stand out is to find a unique quality that also matches it to your business.


There are many ways to make your business card unique

    1. Use a different shape or size (remembering the previous rule);
    2. Use colours and images;
    3. Consider using a metallic foil, shiny varnish or embossing to accent certain areas;
    4. Have your information printed on a magnet, this means it will also be nearby when recipients need to call you;
    5. Use the reverse side for a loyalty program, for example providing a free product after the purchase of nine;
    6. Use the reverse side for discounts or special offers;
    7. Include QR codes that link to images of your work or directions to your address; or
    8. Transcend from paper business cards and use virtual business cards, great for ‘green’ companies.

For example, imagine your party planning company’s business cards printed on a business card sized envelope of confetti. It is different, and linked to your business.

Let Italic Creative make your business card more than a piece of paper, make it a marketing tool that will last for years in the hands of your customers. Contact us today to find the right solution for you.