What is a responsive site?

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11 September 2014

Are you nodding your head unknowingly when you hear people saying, your site needs to be responsive? It is a very simple concept and doesn’t require you to be kept in the dark.

Responsive websites are designed to give the best user experience to your website visitors. This approach is designed to allow for easy navigating, scrolling and resizing across a number of devices. Simply put, it enables your website to be viewed on mobiles and tablets without users having to zoom into a website that is much too large for their screens.

Responsive websites may seem like a trend that is happening at the moment, but it is more than this. If you expect to continue the growth of your business and you have a website, then a responsive approach is for you. Some companies such as LinkedIn have opted out of the trend, and if you choose to do the same, then a mobile strategy such as an app is something you will need to think about.

Mobile and tablet devices are a growing phenomenon for searching the web. One study found that 50% of the recipients use their mobile device to start their search online. This is only expected to grow as more and more smart phones are sold and more and more tablets are designed.

Don’t take our word for it though, you can easily see how many people come to you website using their mobile device by logging on to Google Analytics and navigating to Audience > Mobile > Overview. No matter what the percentage is this could be a loss in sales. As users start to use responsive websites they obviously find them easier to navigating and will often leave a website that is too difficult to see on their screen. Google also takes note of this and now rates your site based on your desktop efficiency and mobile efficiency.

Recently we upgraded our client to a mobile responsive site. They were a backpackers accommodation and had a high amount of users visiting their site via their mobiles when they travelling from place to place. As soon as we implemented the responsive site our clients website bounce rate decreased, visits increased and search engine ranking improved.

Either way you attempt to look at responsive websites they are the way of the future. Next time you hear someone talking about responsive websites, don’t find yourself nodding complacently. Almost every marketing agency and web designer is aware of the approach and will be able to have your site up and running for mobile devices in no time. If you think it’s time to commit then call us at Italic and we can help you catch up with the trend.