When to Post, Pin or Tweet


22 July 2014

When you are using social media, like any advertising there are good and great times to be on it. The larger the reach (number of people who see your post) the more exposure you gain. This will then increase your businesses chance of being shared, repined and retweeted, which inevitably expands your reach. So when is the best time, peak time and worst time to be on social media? SurePayroll has created this great infographic as a guide to social media timing.

The best times to optimise;

  • Facebook is 1-4pm,
  • Twitter is Monday to Thursday 1-3pm,
  • LinkedIn on Tuesday to Thursday,
  • Pinterest on a Saturday morning and,
  • Google + during 9-10am.

However ensure you monitor your audience and the success of your posts. Narrow down when is best for your business. What works for one business may be different for others. The infographic provides some great information that will help you get started. However if you need a hand contact Italic and we can provide training or you can outsource it to us and we will look after your social media for you.

Social Media Infographic