Writing a Media Release


29 July 2014

Writing a great media release is an art. How you write your media release will determine whether media outlets use it. Journalists receive a number of stories a day and you need to make your story stand out. So what are the basics to a media release?

A media release should have the businesses logo on the top left, a banner that explains it is a media release followed by the heading and a smaller sub heading. Underneath, provide the date on the far left and the media release number on the far right for reference.

This is then followed by the text. The first paragraph of the media release should explain the 5Ws; who, what, when, where and why. The second paragraph will also stick to a similar format with the information that is of lesser importance. An indirect quote should then be used from a source followed by two or three direct quotes.

A final paragraph can then be used to conclude the story and provide any last information. The story then must finish with a line displaying –END- a further line in bold stating that ‘photos are available for use by media’. End the release with the contacts details such as name, phone number and email.

A media release should be no longer than a page and should consist of short paragraphs and to the point sentences. If you require assistance with media releases or want to consider public relations or marketing for your business contact us for information.