A lot people we talk with either don’t know about Google+ or have Facebook tunnel vision. In actual fact if you know your target market selecting the right social network to drive your message home is crucial.

Here is an infographic on the Facebook vs Google+ social networks to help bring you up to speed.

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If you missed the news, last week Apple released it’s latest iPhone, celebrating the launch of the 5S and 5C.
Jacqui and I, being the Apple lovers that we are, are LOVING the 5S and it’s Touch ID (a fingerprint identity sensor). But I’m not so sure about the 5C and it’s iPhone case design…

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Nivea has bridged the gap between print and digital advertising with this very unique way of connecting with their target market. Such a simple concept you wonder why it hasn’t been done already.

Aside from this great concept Nivea have also managed to do something very powerful: location based relevancy. The whole point of this ad is to become a tangible resource that affects your action at the beach and takes being helpful to your target market to a whole new level.

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Mini turned the standard, boring billboard ads you see by the side of the road into an interactive heaven for Mini owners in London recently. In just 1 week they reached out to over 1900 Mini owners with gestures like a free car wash, gourmet food, flowers and even filling up their tanks.

So how did they do this? They used interactive billboards with a team on the ground at the side of the road spotting Mini drivers and updated the billboards using photos they captured of the Minis as well as messages too. Watch the clip below to see this in action!

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There is nothing more important than establishing a strong brand from the very start. A logo should be memorable, timeless, versatile, simple and gives your target market an idea about what you do. Wow, it’s a lot to fit into one design but it is achievable and a good strategy (along with experience) will help to achieve this.

So where do most companies go wrong?

When starting out most companies usually have a small budget so may not be able to invest in the best brand possible. You probably know about competition model websites like 99 Designs which have a number of designers that upload designs in a “contest” to win the prize money and yes you can get a good logo design for a small penny but as they say if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

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