A letterhead makes correspondence with your customers more professional, adds credibility to the text of the document and also reinforces your companies brand image. It is such an important marketing material to have.

Surprisingly, I see a lot of letterheads that are not professionally designed and some of these don’t even include a companies basic legal obligations.

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If you missed the news, last week Apple released it’s latest iPhone, celebrating the launch of the 5S and 5C.
Jacqui and I, being the Apple lovers that we are, are LOVING the 5S and it’s Touch ID (a fingerprint identity sensor). But I’m not so sure about the 5C and it’s iPhone case design…

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There is nothing more important than establishing a strong brand from the very start. A logo should be memorable, timeless, versatile, simple and gives your target market an idea about what you do. Wow, it’s a lot to fit into one design but it is achievable and a good strategy (along with experience) will help to achieve this.

So where do most companies go wrong?

When starting out most companies usually have a small budget so may not be able to invest in the best brand possible. You probably know about competition model websites like 99 Designs which have a number of designers that upload designs in a “contest” to win the prize money and yes you can get a good logo design for a small penny but as they say if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

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If you have a website, online shop, blog or any other type of website you have probably been told that you need to “drive traffic” to your site by marketing companies, unsolicited emails and maybe even your neighbour. So you have spent days, maybe even weeks looking into how to do this, getting one-way links, posting on social networks, forums and much more but still no-one is buying or contacting you.

Well researchers at the Missouri University of Science and Technology carried out a study using eye tracking software to determine what visitor’s look at first and what catches their eye on websites. Below is an infographic which details the results of their study and as you can see, the reason for visitors not buying from you may be as simple as a colour change!

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Most people have a few ideas of a graphic designer… which usually entail drawing pretty pictures most of the day.
I have been interviewed by a few university students wanting to know more about the industry and what they are getting themselves in for so I thought I would write a blog post on it to give everyone an insight.

First of all the term “graphic designer” wasn’t around when I was growing up (it was called a commercial artist) but I knew what I wanted to do and eventually found the correct job title for my dream. I still get asked to this day what a graphic designer is so my definition is as follows: profession of a person with artistic talents who conceptualises ideas and strategies then visually communicates them with designs such as logos, brochures, advertisements, websites etc.

A day in my life looks like the following:

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