Establishing a good brand


3 September 2013

There is nothing more important than establishing a strong brand from the very start. A logo should be memorable, timeless, versatile, simple and gives your target market an idea about what you do. Wow, it’s a lot to fit into one design but it is achievable and a good strategy (along with experience) will help to achieve this.

So where do most companies go wrong?

When starting out most companies usually have a small budget so may not be able to invest in the best brand possible. You probably know about competition model websites like 99 Designs which have a number of designers that upload designs in a “contest” to win the prize money and yes you can get a good logo design for a small penny but as they say if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

Recently we had a few companies come to us with a logo they had designed through competition model websites and they liked it but weren’t in love with it and after having a chat to us realised it wasn’t necessarily the best option for their business or target market. One design was for a catering company and had blue in the logo. The colour blue when placed with food is an appetite suppressant so probably not the best colour to use for this industry.

You may get a logo you are happy with but does it really align with your strategy, your values and target market? Anyone who knows how to use design programs can create a logo, but an experienced designer will ask questions, get to know your business, conduct their own research, brainstorm, sketch ideas and spent a considerable amount of time developing the concepts in order to give you the best brand image.

It would be nice to start a business with $2,000 to be spent on branding rather than $200. Your $200 will get you an image so you can start making the money come in but what is the actual cost that you would be looking at if you had your logo redesigned 3 years down the track. Let’s do some “averages” number crunching…

$200 for initial design by running a contest
$200 for business cards
$3000 for website
$1500 for signage
$1500 for other places your brand is placed

Chances are that in 3 years time when you looking at refreshing your brand you will also get most of the above redesigned so you would be looking at the new logo design plus all these additional costs. There is the potential that you could save $5,000+ if you invest in your brand image initially.

How much value do you place on your brand?

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