iPhone 5S & 5C – Epic fail Apple


21 September 2013

If you missed the news, last week Apple released it’s latest iPhone, celebrating the launch of the 5S and 5C.
Jacqui and I, being the Apple lovers that we are, are LOVING the 5S and it’s Touch ID (a fingerprint identity sensor). But I’m not so sure about the 5C and it’s iPhone case design…

iPhone 5S & 5C – Epic fail Apple
From a designers perspective, there is one MAJOR flaw to the design… Apple proudly declares that “Every colour fits perfectly”… yeah, but one problem, your logo doesn’t!! You’d think after spending so much time perfectly aligning “precision-drilled camera and speaker holes” SOMEONE would of notices that all you can see of the logo is “non”.

Epic fail Apple.

(But good job on the Touch ID!)